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brooks b17 carved review

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The break in was no worse than the old saddle, and I look forward to many many more comfortable rides over the next dozen or more years. I swung by the Two Wheel Transit anniversary sale last month and totally caved when I saw the Brooks saddles on sale for 50% off. Thanks for figuring out this mistake. Hierzu haben wir verschiedene Brooks B17 Special Tests und Produktbewertungen hinsichtlich der Qualität, Haltbarkeit und Kundenzufriedenheit zusammengefasst. Brooks' C17 Cambium Carved All Weather Saddle treads new ground for the esteemed manufacturer of classic leather saddles, well-known for saddles that last a lifetime and go the distance. Best Bike Seats I’m not at all prejudiced against Brooks.) Wie dem auch sei, der Cambium ändert seine Form im Betrieb nicht dauerhaft und passt sich damit eben auch nicht der eigenen Gesäßform an. Comfort The first thing you notice about a Brooks saddle is it’s hard, rock hard and the B17 Narrow is one of the stiffest offerings from Brooks. Enter Sella Anotomica. Share. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Summary. Rated 5 out of 5 by RAMBO8000 from Awesome Best saddle you can chose if you don't like bib shorts. Bereits ab 78,39 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Brooks Cambium C17 Carved günstig kaufen bei idealo.de 3 About the Brooks Cambium Saddle. The issue with the B17 having short rails can be fixed by using a seat-post with a long setback (I.e. Disclosure: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our opinion. The Brooks Cambium C15 is a more racing and performance-oriented model than the classic leather saddles Brooks has long been known for. Brooks has been making saddles of pretty much the same design as the B17 for a long time. Auch am Cambium findet man Ösen für Werkzeugtaschen wie bei den Ledersätteln vor. Brooks Cambium is a range of saddles made from vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton canvas enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience and legendary Brooks longevity. Im Gegenteil, sie haben mir stets auf Anhieb gepasst und sind höchstens noch bequemer geworden. Your math on the SA saddle width is wrong. Selle’s Flex-Fly Slots provide hammock feeling to riders, Rails provide industry-leading fore/aft adjustability. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Wir werden sehen. The cut-out of the Anatomica is longer than the B17 Imperial which means the user can put much pressure on the perineum (a human part below the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs). We should take a head to head look at the differences of weights between the two best-recommended saddles. Bereits ab 74,90 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Brooks B17 S Standard günstig kaufen bei idealo.de The B17 rails are made of Steel and they are Chrome plated. The, was first designed by Brooks over 100 years ago (since 1866). Brooks B17 has small holes and they are laced together which makes the side edges wider. Last update on 2021-01-09 at 01:50 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. This Brooks saddle review signifies that B17 is not designed for racers. Ich werde berichten. ... the Brooks also makes the “Carved” version of the Cambium with a cut-out for folks who need a bit of extra pressure relief. Es klingt zumindest fast gleich. Handmade in England with top quality vegetable tanned leather. Velo Orange Grand Cru). Schade, schade, denn die eigentliche Geometrie sagt mir sehr zu und die Optik ist, wie gesagt, ein Traum. Brooks C17 Cambium Bike ... Other reviews. The B17 is designed for long-distance bicycle touring. Mit 520 g ist der B17 relativ schwer, doch seine Bauweise spart einiges an Gewicht ein, da Brooks auf dicke Polsterung verzichtet. When it comes to adjusting Anatomica to your bicycle, a common 6mm Allen key (Hex key) will do just fine. 2 User Review. SAVE 26% - RRP $130.10 now only $95.99. Over time, the leather wears in and … This is why the cut-out is known as the ‘Flex-Fly’ slot. Buy your Brooks England B17 Carved Saddle - Saddles from Wiggle. Selle uses different materials for their rails. What do you get if you combine the classic Brooks 'hammock' saddle design with thoroughly modern materials? We’re looking for your reviews of Brooks England Cambium C15 Carved Saddle, so whether you’ve bought one, tried one, broken one, sold one, would love one, or hate one…we want to know. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The C17 Carved is just as comfortable, durable, and handsome as the beloved B17, but it's entirely leather-free, removing the break-in period or the required maintenance of leather. Wo beim B17 auf Leder beim Sitzelement gesetzt wird, reitet man auf dem C17 auf einer dicken Lage Naturkautschuk (unten) und wasserfest behandeltem Canvas (Baumwolle; oben) daher. 200 - 500 miles. Their seats look modern and stylish that will go for any kind of bike whether it is a vintage bike or not. For riders in search of pressure relief, the B17 Carved features a “registered cutting” which first appeared with Brooks saddles in the 1890s. Review: Brooks Cambium C13 Saddle More hip, less hipster. Still providing relief today, the B17 Carved is made from vegetable tanned leather that will age beautifully over time. A more flexible saddle than the standard B17, this comfortable saddle … Again Brooks rails are comparatively short which can be a disadvantage for riders who have long legs. For years I rode a Brooks B17. Tried them both, hated them both. The B17 incorporates a 'cut-out' top for pressure relief making it ideal for long-distance or sportive touring. The rubber shell is unique and provides a very different ride quality than most modern saddles, but we found it to be a bit too flexible to classify it as a true performance saddle. Für den Bruch mit der Firmentradition hat Brooks gute Argumente: … However, when I rode over 100 miles, I developed some numbness which made me worry about perineal pressure, so I looked for replacements with a cutout. No break-in period. Beides eigentlich nichts was man auf eine Tour mitnimmt, aber Spaß hats gemacht - auch wenn ich die Hängematte fast nicht nutzen konnte... GSI H2Jo: Eine Kaffeemaschine für unterwegs mit nur 49g? Long distance sports touring, Trekking, MTB, MTB, Long distance touring, Offroad, Commuting. Our testers found the unpadded material to be a little too hard to rank highly on the comfort scale, and a little too flexible and heavy to rank highly on the performance scale. Haltbarkeit und Handling sind ebenso klasse… aber so bleibe ich denn eben nicht beim C17 auf meinem Reiserad, sondern kehre zum B17 zurück. Brooks B-17 Standard Saddles have black painted rails with machine installed tubular rivets. Although Anatomica claims that the cut-out will stop the edges to flare out but this is not true for all riders. Sorry for the inconvenience, it was a typing error. Buy your Brooks England B17 Carved Short Ladies' Saddle - Saddles from Wiggle. With Brooks craftsmanship and quality, it is a great saddle for all cycling disciplines. I decided to stick with my B17 for all its faults (short rails, not waterproof), because it felt right from the first moment I sat on it. If you want comfort from day 1 from your leather saddle, buy a Selle Anatomica withtout any confusion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Für viele Interessierte erst mal die gute Nachricht: der Brooks Cambium muss nicht eingefahren werden. You get the supremely comfortable Cambium C17. Cambiums rely on the whole shell flexing to fit you're butt, so it's more important to get the right one. But it is difficult when the tool is not around you and you cannot use anything to adjust a Brooks B17 saddle to your bicycle. I will be buying more of these to but on other bikes. This UK review … Fast forward 35 years and time for another new saddle for a bike, Vaya, that screamed Brooks. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue. This is where Brooks takes over Selle. The B17 Imperial (also named as B17 Carved) was first designed by Brooks over 100 years ago (since 1866). Both saddles use High-quality leather. Although both of the saddles feature cut-out, I think Anatomica takes the lead as the design of the cut-out can handle pressure, especially for bigger and heavier riders. Perhaps it's because Brooks isn't exactly associated typically with vegan saddles? https://www.brooksengland.com/en_row/10-years-program, https://selleanatomica.com/pages/warranty-text, Brooks B17 vs. C17 Cambium (Comparison & Review Dec, 2020), 4 Best Brooks Saddles for Road Bikes (Reviewed Dec, 2020), Brooks B67 & B67 S Aged Saddle Reviewed (Dec, 2020), Brooks B67 vs. Flyer (Compared & Reviewed Dec, 2020). I don’t own a Cambium, but I do have some pertinent knowledge. This is where Anatomica beats Brooks as they barely need any maintenance and care. The human mind is set for looking at newer designs rather than holding the same design for ages. The Brooks Cambium C15 Carved All-Weather shares the racing-inspired design of the C15 line of saddles and adds the vulcanized rubber construction of the Cambium lineup, as well as a carved pressure relief cutout. Brooks England B17 Carved Short Ladies' Saddle - W 177mm Brown is rated highly in the Gear category. It is simple when you have the tool provided by Brooks. Im Test: »Sehr gut« urteilt »Roadbike« Hat der Cambium C15 von Brooks auch Schwächen? But you should keep it out of the water as it is not waterproof. Sadly Tom Milton, the founder of Selle, passed away in April 2010. Or maybe it's the unique nature of the material application? Brooks B17 Imperial (also called B17 Carved) Brooks is a company from the West Midlands, England. by Duncan Moore. Get reviews on bikes and bike accessories by world-class experts. B17 if you have the time to properly break it in. Brooks B17 Imperial saddle review. Diese Tatsache erhöht die Langlebigkeit, da kein Material ermüdet oder anderweitige Verschleißerscheinungen auftreten. Review der schönen Schutzbleche. Testing the Brooks C17 Cambium. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Auf dem Surly Troll hat er mich bereits bei diesen kurzen Distanzen mächtig genervt. The Team Pro range also derives from the B17… You have to use a waterproof cover to keep them protected on rainy days. First, let me comment on the B17S and other “ladies” brooks saddles. Magda musste ihren Brooks B17 Imperial hingegen erst ein paar hundert Kilometer einfahren, bevor er ihr passte. Manche Radler, die in regelmäßige Pflege investieren, fahren den Brooks B17 über Jahrzehnte. Brooks also has somewhat of a cult following and after reading rave reviews from Brooks owners I replaced my own uncomfortable gel padded saddle with a Brooks B17 Narrow Imperial. Normally Brooks saddles take up to 200 – 300 miles of riding on them for properly breaking-in to adjust to your body shape. Some people are having Brooks saddles for over 10 years or more. Excellent craftsmanship. Brooks need better conservation than Anatomica as they have to break in over time and for that, you need to properly add Proofide which helps to assist the break-in process. But, as with any luxury item, you’ll pay a premium to get your hands on one of their Cambium saddles. Wie bei Brooks üblich, wurde auch beim Cambium viel Wert auf Details gelegt. Die Verarbeitung ist auf höchstem Niveau und das ganze Erscheinungsbild des Sattels ist einfach nur edel und schön. But for some users, a Selle Anatomica saddle looks odd on vintage bikes. Now that is cool. Dieser, bei Kernledersätteln notwendige und gerngehasste Start, hielt bislang so manchen von Sitzbeschwerden geplagten Radler von dieser Art Sätteln ab. Und stellt er eingefleichte Tourenradler zufrieden? It has been on the market for over 100 years. Genaugenommen seit Einführung der Brooks Cambium Reihe. Unfortunately, after two … This particular saddle, the Brooks Cambium C13, is perhaps the centrepiece of the range. There is the Brooks Cambium C17 Carved which is an excellent saddle and won my road bike "most comfortable saddle in the world award." The Brooks B17 can be a bit heavier than the Selle Anatomica, heavier than the X series to be specific. The B17 weighs around 520 gm and the Selle Anatomica X1 model weighs around 515 gm and the other models of the X series are comparatively lighter than the B17. The B17 saddle is handmade by Brooks England in their factory in Birmingham. Pflege braucht er auch keine. Genaugenommen seit Einführung der Brooks Cambium Reihe. The Brooks B17 usually has a bit longer break-in period. Die Ledersättel zerstört man damit leider mit der Zeit (diese muss man eben anders greifen). Also, the B17 comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors (mostly black, brown, and honey). This is where Selle beats Brooks as their break-in period is shorter than B17, at least that’s what the majority of the riders found. Für meine Sitzposition auf dem Surly Troll hat mir der Brooks Cambium C17 carved dauerhaft nicht zugesagt. The Brooks did not beat the Schwinn Tyhpoon (a smallish crusier saddle) for comfort; however, the high horn of the Schwinn requires very high handlebars, wheras the flat Brooks will work with any handlebar height, including drop bars. The B17 is Brooks flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and mtb use. I just want to say, Brooks adds comfort to your bum and guarantees you a long-lasting saddle. The uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider's movements to deliver immediate comfort and ease of use. Im Test: »Sehr gut« urteilen »aktiv Radfahren« & Co Hat der Cambium C17 Carved von Brooks auch Schwächen? Wie sich der Brooks Cambium C17 nach einem 2000Km Test auf meinem Surly Troll geschlagen hat, erfahrt ihr hier auf radundfuss. ( I do ride a B17 and my wife rides a B67. Extra-ordinary handmade saddle. Honestly, the more choice there is, the more confusing things get sometimes! At first, they might be a little rigid, but they will loosen up over time. Like a fine wine – but unlike an early episode of Top Gear (Dave, weekday mornings, for the homeworkers and self-isolators out there) – the Brooks B17 Classic saddle improves with age. Diesen Eindruck meldet mir beim Fahren auch mein Hintern zurück. I had been wanting one for months and I figured I would be hard pressed to find them on such an amazing sale ever again. Selle Anatomica is a modern brand which is storming the market with some new technologies: Selle Anatomica X1 Saddle. I purchased a C17 carved, and it was an absolute revelation on my touring bike in regards to comfort. Went through the break in period, settled into a "comfy" seat and knew, just knew, that someday I'd love the saddle. It is like when someone notices the saddle, they will get an instant idea that “Okay! I've been riding B17 Brooks saddles for 20 years, and really wanted an all-weather version. Brooks England B17 Carved Saddle is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 32. Wichtig: Betreff „The Brooks Ride“. Aber die beworbene Wetterbeständigkeit von diesem neuen Sattel hat mich überzeugt und ich habe ihn bestellt. ApexBikes is a place for bikes, bike accessories and news. Comfortable from day one. Gleich nach den ersten 5 Minuten mit dem C17 Carved All-Weather habe ich plötzlich gemerkt, dass ich meine Sitzknochen sehr deutlich spühre als würde ich auf Holz sitzen. Bei Amazon bestellen. It’s also available in three widths, both in the carved and regular tops: 132, 145 and 158 millimeters. The design is largely unchanged from the original product that was introduced over 100 years ago. Both brands follow their own unique style. Da macht auch der Brooks Cambium C17 keine Ausnahme. gibt dem Kautschuk Das einzigartig flexible, wartungsfreie und wasserdichte Material folgt den Bewegungen des Fahrers und bietet einmaligen Komfort. Jetzt Testfazit lesen bei Testberichte.de! Wer bei Brooks nur an Ledersättel denkt, der liegt seit einiger Zeit verkehrt. Jan 4, 2021. So, Selle does an excellent job here making it simple by allowing the regular tool to use. Buying a leather saddle is like buying a new pair of leather shoes. Mit einer Jahresleistung von groben 8000 Kilometern gehöre ich sicher nicht zu den Wenigfahrer und mein Hintern kann harten Sätteln eigentlich auch was abgewinnen. If we are judging the design of the seats, it is for sure that Selle holds the top position. Well, we have made a simple comparison based on our own experiences and reviewing experts’ opinions to help you out on this topic. But the good news is, they have a 30-day comfort fit guarantee. Posted by Rachel. Seine Decke besteht aus vulkanisiertem Naturkautschuk, das über einen Aluminiumrahmen gespannt und von ­relativ grob strukturiertem Baumwollgewebe überzogen ist. Takes care better of the sensitive areas. Brooks Cambium All Weather C17 saddle review. Aber in recht aufrechter Position, wie eben beim Surly Troll mit einer 710er Jones H-Bar, geht der Sattel für mich auf Dauer gar nicht. Den Cambium nicht. Der leichteste Brooks-Sattel ist der “Cambium C13 132 Carved” mit Carbon-Streben, 132mm Breite und Längsschnitt (was den Dammbereich des Fahrers entlastet). This is my Brooks B17 saddle review. Out Of Stock. I've heard a lot of positive and negative feedback but that didn't stop me from picking up a Cambium C17 from my local shop to try out (I still … The B17 is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and atb use. Water can come up from the road or may come up off your tires in wet weather, you should always keep that in mind. Die neue Sattelgeneration: der C19 Allwetter Carved Cambium von Brooks Unter der Bezeichnung Cambium bringt Brooks eine Reihe von Sätteln aus vulkanisiertem Naturkautschuk und Baumwolle aus biologischem Anbau auf den Markt. Based on my limited experience so far, though, it lives up to its reputation. 1 Brooks Cambium Review. Richtig schön und detailverliebt. The design is largely unchanged from the original product that was introduced over 100 years ago. Brooks B17 Family vs Selle Anatomica Saddles: Both are great, but which one is best for you? Die neuartige Konstruktion der Cambium-Sättel funktioniert wie eine Hängematte und absorbiert Vibrationen und Stöße, eine Leistung, die man traditionell nur bei Naturledersätteln finden konnte. Final 2,500 Miles: Brooks B17 Test. Now from £79.99 Inc VAT Typical RRP: £104.99 Quick view. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. I have always read that the shorter nose of the ladies saddles is intended to accommodate skirts, not anatomy. The Brooks Cambium C17 is a saddle with obvious pedigree: Brooks England has arguably produced the most comfortable saddles for long-distance riding and touring for many years. Its slot (patented) moves underneath the rider’s position. Still providing relief today, the B17 Carved is made from vegetable tanned leather that will age beautifully over time. Die Form des C17 ist angelehnt an das bekannteste Brooks Modell, den B17, um den gleichen zeitlosen Komfort zu gewähren, Kilometer um Kilometer. Der Brooks Cambium ist mittlerweile auf meinem Rose Pro DX, einem gemütlichen Rennrad… Tourer… Cyclecrosser… (irgendwas in der Richtung) montiert. Jetzt Testfazits lesen bei Testberichte.de! Zwar fahre ich mit dem Sattel gerade überwiegend Strecken von knapp 30Km am Stück (eben meinen Arbeitsweg), aber über diese Distanz empfinde ich ihn mittlerweile wirklich als angenehm. Although it may take time to break-in, the B17 Imperial is still the legend as preferred by the majority of the riders. Now from £79.99 Inc VAT Typical RRP: £104.99 Quick view. The B17 is great and was always comfortable even on 60 mile rides, with no chamois. Nur 250 Gramm wiegt er – was gar nicht mal so viel Extragewicht ist, wenn man ihn mit anderen Rennradsätteln mit Carbonstreben vergleicht. Die B17 Imperial verfügt über die zentrale Aussparung, die vor über 100 Jahren von BROOKS konzipiert wurde. So which one will suit you the most? Selle Anatomica X1 X Series WaterShed Black with Gunmetal Rivets . Our review. The motto of designing B17 Imperial was to prevent all the perineal pressure and they are quite successful on their mission. More customer reviews of Brooks England B17 Carved Short Ladies' Saddle - W 177mm Brown can be found here. But I guess the weight doesn’t really matter as they both provide adequate comfort. Weder bei meinem Brooks B17 Imperial, noch bei meinem B17 Imperial Narrow hatte ich von Beginn an irgendwelche Sitzprobleme. This carved saddle can provide more comfort than the standard B17 with l Just want to say, Selle is a longer saddle than the B17. They also feature Tubular Stainless Steel rails. But with these qualities come with the typical … Here I will not give you an extensive lecture, I will just mention the dimensions for Brooks B17 Imperial, and for Selle Anatomica, it depends on the model. Both of these brands produce ultra-durable rails and rivets. Der kernledersatteltypische, federnde Hängematteneffekt soll auch beim Brooks Cambium gegeben sein. Die Ledersättel von Brooks sind für mich die Inkarnation eines klassischen Sattels, der einen ewig und überallhin begleiten kann. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Ich habe es probiert, ihn aber schlussendlich gegen den Brooks B17 Imperial meines Arbeitsrennrades getauscht und hoffe nun, dass mir die gebeugtere Sitzhaltung auf dem Rennrad mit dem C17 in Punkto Komfort entgegenkommt. John Boultbee Brooks the company’s founder, vowed to make the most comfortable leather saddles for the bike riders. Made for longer rides, Brooks B17 saddle won’t cause soreness even after long hours of touring and trekking. So I want to say, Brooks just takes the lead. For example, the X1 model has Chromoly steel on rails that can support riders who weigh equal or less than 250 lbs. What screamed is my older body saying there must be a better way. It is like an unbeatable brand in the saddle industry. You just can’t ignore these facts. This iconic saddle was first introduced into the Brooks product range in 1890. Selle believes that when choosing a saddle you should first consider how soft or stiff you want the riding platform to be. Preis. Brooks B17 is generally a wide saddle and the side edges are long which makes them comfortable on the sides for preventing chafing in inner thighs. Brooks successfully reinvents one of its oldest products. Brooks B17 and Selle Anatomica both are leather saddles. Der Brooks C17 (und C17S für Damen; der "S" bezeichnet wie bei Brooks üblich stets den Damensattel, alle Herrenmodelle gibt es auch in der kurzen Damen Version) wurde in den Farben slate (schiefer-grau) und natural im Herbst 2013 auf den Markt gebracht. Hi Wilson, The company will award 10 years of extended warranty for the users who will register at (https://www.brooksengland.com/en_row/10-years-program). Test: Mit einer neuen Version seines Erfolgsmodells löst Brooks ein bekanntes Problem: Der neue Brooks Cambium All Weather bleibt trocken und dürfte deutlich alterungsbeständiger sein. Ebebfalls schön: nach 2000Km zeigt der Brooks Cambium noch keinerlei Abnutzungsspuren und sieht praktisch aus wie neu. A Bit of Info about the Brooks B17 Saddle. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. I earn a small commission if you buy any products using my affiliate links to Amazon. Brooks Cambium Review 4.4. Best regards. The Brooks B17 Imperial has a smaller cut-out, ... watch this video by "Captain Overpacker" where he gives a great review of Brooks and Selle Anatomica saddles. The B17 saddle is handmade by Brooks England in their factory in Birmingham. Dann kam der Cambium – als ich das erste Mal vom Brooks Cambium Sattel hörte, war ich schlichtweg begeistert. 2016-2021 ApexBikes.com. Bottom-line is, the Brooks B17 saddle is sleek, super-comfy and durable enough to last for years. As a result, it will cause discomfort to inner thighs. Seats also feature a variety of designs with a color combination like (Black Gunmetal, Black Copper, Oxblood Copper) depending on the model. Ob er aber genauso bequem ist? Again the Anatomica does not require much maintenance. Seine Form ist der des Brooks B17 nachempfunden und es gibt weitere Gemeinsamkeiten . It is hard to judge the quality of the leather of these saddles as they both feature extremely good leather. The model is available for gents and ladies. They want to maintain the traditional style and for the users, the design and everything else just work flawlessly. For riders in search of pressure relief, the B17 Carved features a “registered cutting” which first appeared with Brooks saddles in the 1890s. With the B17, I find width to be less of an issue. Standing only occasionally, and with just 2 water stops, I’m here to report that the Brooks B17 Carved is the smartest, kindest thing I have done for myself in a long long time. Ich hatte nur ein Problem: Ich wollte keinen Ledersattel, da ich weitestgehend auf Lederprodukte verzichte. For the installation and adjustment purposes, this video (FROM BROOKS OFFICIAL WEBSITE) might help. I would go for Brooks as you can clearly see the warranty time limit is much higher than Selle. Some riders out of bravery cut a small amount of leather from the side edges. They haven’t changed the design much. Brooks B17 Special Test und Bestseller Die besten Produkte im Vergleich Wir haben für Dich die besten Brooks B17 Special Produkte im Internet ausfindig gemacht und hier übersichtlich dargestellt. Unfortunately, none of these saddles is good for wet weather. Interessenten kann ich eine ausgiebige Probefahrt dennoch nur ans Herz legen, denn man findet eine ganze Reihe begeisterter C17 Fahrer… aber eben auch einigen, die den Sattel, genauso wie ich, zu hart finden.

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